Bring to life your vision in an appealing way for your customers with Low-code

Create and launch your digital project in a low-code environment. With a huge library of ready-made components and no need for programming skills. See how far you can go without developers.

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Innovate Your Business

Your vision of an application becomes reality without time-consuming and traditional coding. Without developers, you can create the digital innovation your business needs in Kettufy’s easy-to-use backend.

Dive deeper and experience Kettufy's power to digitally innovate your business.

Bring Your Vision to Life

Experience an extremely shortened time-to-use / time-to-market. You know your vision and customer’s wishes, and we have the tool to implement your ideas in weeks - instead of months.

Explore everything you can achieve to build with Kettufy without any coding knowledge.

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Be Your Own Developer

You don't need a development team to deliver your project. By drag and drop, components can be placed in a logical way to bring your idea to life. Empower your team in a short time.

At any time, your project can be dynamically updated with no extra costs. 

Discover the possibilities of Kettufy's low-code platform with our guide to citizen development.

Be GDPR Compliant

Trust in Kettufy's low-code platform, which is GDPR compliant. Our platform prioritizes data privacy and security, so you can build custom applications with peace of mind.

Not just one, but explore all the reasons for choosing the Kettufy low-code platform.

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Track Your Performance

You can see how users interact with a Kettufy application. Performance measurement will reduce hurdles and ensure optimal usability. All without third-party software. Get to know now!

See how far you can go without developers

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