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Build your own browser-based tools or a complete online platform - in accordance with your needs!

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Build your own web services by drag & drop. A huge selection of ready-to-use components waits for you.

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No programming team is needed: Provide custom-fit functions and digital processes. Create software logic visually with drag-and-drop instead of code.

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Data handling

Get more information out of your data. Present everything in a personalized way that perfectly fits your users' needs.

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Save time

Achieve time-to-use / time-to-market in the shortest possible time. Thanks to instant deployment, you can fulfill your vision and your customer’s needs in weeks instead of months

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Save money

Your team can bring your project to life without developers. Forget about outdated solutions: at any time your project can be dynamically updated with no extra costs.

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GDPR compliant

Kettufy meets the high German and European requirements regarding the GDPR. One worry less!

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Discover how you can build a project from scratch. You will have full access to videos that will enable you to be your own developer.

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