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No more excel sheets!

Product: Risk assessment tool
Client: International NGO

The evaluation tool for a targeted risk assessment naturally has extensive data in tables. Many investment decisions are made based on this data.

Before Kettufy, all data was available in outdated Excel tables, which also left little to no room for the digital solution to be updated.

Now this data is hosted in the low code platform and can be compiled and evaluated more flexibly and clearly than ever before.

Without a programmer, it is possible to model data that can easily be changed according to your business needs.


  • No need to wait for IT
  • No more excel sheets
  • No outdated solutions online
  • No need for programming skills

An entire project based on Kettufy

Product: Digital start-up platform for mapping the entire start-up process
Client: KfW banking group

The founding platform was the first major project to be implemented with Kettufy from the start and is a complete success. Thousands of new users register every month, plan their entire start-up and submit financing inquiries. But not only the front end is easy-to-use and modern.

In the back end, Kettufy tracks the performance of pages, user flow, traffic source and much more.


  • All-in-one: website building, users management, mail marketing control and full analysis of the tool
  • Connecting front-end processes with back-end
  • Complete GDPR conformity, making it particularly suitable for all European projects
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The tool serves your needs, not the other way around

Product: Digital investment and financing platform
Client: Innovestment GmbH

Innovestment can finally map the entire process on one platform. As a provider of crowdlending options, the entire route - registering a user account, user participation, lending money, user communication - is mapped via Kettufy. This means that employee resources are kept free and standard processes are carried out automatically.


  • Implementation of a highly specialized lending process
  • Tracking and understanding user decisions in the lending process
  • Automation of payment process
  • Creation and management of all contracts

Your vision online!

Product: Data visualization tool
Client: International NGO

This browser-based tool shows updated resources in a world map. With Kettufy, employees can now do incredible things in the backend.

Instead of sending your own ideas and requirements to a development team and waiting months for implementation, you now implement changes by yourself.

Woke up with a new idea? It’s implemented before lunch.


  • Agile development and design of the most important functionalities
  • Massive time saving thanks to no development process
  • More meaningful and up-to-date visualizations
  • Significant cost reduction as external developers are no longer required
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