What Can You Build with the Kettufy Low-code Platform?

What is a Low-code Development Platform?

Low code is a technique for developing apps using pre-built development tools that transform coding from contextual to visual. 

Low code uses a model-driven drag-and-drop interface rather than a traditional coding ecosystem to function. Low code can be used to create value-driven corporate business applications by developers of all experience levels, including seasoned professionals, beginners, subject experts, stakeholders, and decision-makers. 

By 2024, more than 65% of application programming will involve low code, predicts Gartner

Troubleshooting, testing, and deployment are just a few of the aspects of the software development cycle that are made simpler and quicker by low-code solutions. Users can get information about the specific apps they've created and the development process, as well as the option to go back to earlier revisions and manage the application life cycle more quickly if necessary. 

Nearly all organisational applications, such as those for process management, human resource management, customer interaction, customer relationship management, security systems, operational efficiency apps, and more, can be created using Kettufy low-code platform. 

Apps created using Kettufy low code can considerably aid in boosting an organisation's general effectiveness, from enhancing day-to-day tasks to streamlining the common workplace procedures. 

Let's go over a few prevalent low-code use cases being used nowadays in different sectors. 

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Is Kettufy for me?

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What Can You Build with a Low-code Platform?

#1 Workflow and Process Management App

A workflow is a list of tasks that make up a business process. Using a workflow management system helps improve job transitions, streamline company processes, and increase the effectiveness of your daily operations. 

 You may attain the organisational flexibility required by any business with the use of a workflow management tool. But finding the ideal workflow management tool is a significant task. 

Thankfully, you can create workflow management and process management applications using our Kettufy low code platform that is based on the operational procedures of your company. You may also automate a variety of workflows with our low-code platform, which will increase your productivity and cut down on the time it takes to complete tasks.

#2 Application for Human Resource Management

Any company's strength is based on how skilled its weakest members are. As a result, one of the business's most crucial duties is managing its human resources. 

However, managing personnel is a monumental effort, particularly given how fickle and unstable the corporate environment is with regard to manpower planning. Employees look to HR managers to provide a solid framework, open channels of communication, and performance-based rewards. 

HR managers may benefit from the use of human resource management software by improving communication and implementing efficient feedback mechanisms. 

A human resource management platform with a consolidated database of all your workers may be created using the Kettufy low-code platform. Your app may be customised to meet the needs of your staff and can monitor performance evaluations, award programmes, and leave requests. Using our low code platform, you can automate important HR procedures like payroll. 

#3 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software

A platform used to monitor, arrange and plan all client-related tasks is known as a customer relationship management app or CRM. Additionally, it is the place of consolidated corporate data and client histories that may be examined for trends to be found for predictive analysis. 

A CRM serves as a conduit for communication between a business and its clients. A CRM's primary goals are to strengthen interactions with customers, streamline operations that are driven by them, and boost business profitability. 

By adding or removing modules based on their applicability to your business, you may create your own CRM tool using the drag-and-drop editor provided by the Kettufy low-code platform.

#4 Tool for Asset Management

Asset management is a planned and organised approach to creating, building, and sustaining a particular set of holdings or asset portfolios on a customer's behalf. Asset management involves handling confidential data as well as a variety of other factors, including the client's preferred methods of acquisition and anticipated monetary gain. 

These factors must be monitored and tracked with extreme care and strictness throughout asset management. It would be unreliable and inefficient to track them manually. Software for asset management can therefore be quite useful for managers. 

So, asset management software can be built using Kettufy low code app development that may assist with long-term financial planning, asset inventory, life-cycle cost estimation, and compliance process tracking. 

#5 Application for Case Management

Using organisational resources, case management is the act of acquiring, observing, researching, and evaluating data related to a specific case. Using automation and pattern recognition, case management software tracks and assembles data connected to the case.  

Creating applications to monitor and manage specific cases using Kettufy’s low code may help firms save a significant amount of time by centralising data and minimising human error. 

#6 App for Healthcare Management

The Kettufy low-code development platform allows you to create your own healthcare management software using visual development tools. Healthcare services are the most crucial services of all. Hospitals cannot afford to make frequent managerial errors because they have a very narrow margin for error. Hospitals may maintain track of patients, patient histories, and the contacts of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers with the use of healthcare management software. 

It is also possible to modify the applications to include an automated call-processing system to give patients quick service. To send notifications, reminders, and prescriptions and keep track of future patient registration, an automated system can be installed. 

#7 Apps for Hospitality

Hotels utilise hospitality software to organise client data, keep records of payments, monitor business operations, monitor employee conduct, and manage guest satisfaction. Kettufy low-code platform can be used to create hospitality software tailored to your hotel's particular requirements.

#8 SaaS Development

Building an app to digitise sales might be scary for a business that has historically focused on offering only tangible goods or services. Kettufy's low-code platform can assist in creating feature-rich software prototypes, A/B tests, and rollouts in a fraction of the time it takes to create a conventional SaaS. 

#9 Application for Regulatory Compliance

Many businesses must enforce internal rules and policies in order to follow regulations (GDPR, ISO, HIPAA, etc.). Therefore, if new regulations or policies are required, the company’s administration should act fast to develop and implement them. Additionally, employees should have little trouble navigating regulatory information and identifying the regulations that apply to the current circumstance.  

With Kettufy's low-code development, organisations can create these apps quickly and have all the information necessary for regulatory compliance at their disposal. 

#10 Citizen Development with Kettufy

Not many businesses can afford to maintain internal software development teams. And even if they do, they are typically overburdened with work, creating complex solutions. Consequently, they won't have the resources and time to create simple business apps, which would be quite beneficial for sales or any other department. 

With the Kettufy low-code application development platform, however, you can let professional developers handle the more difficult jobs while allowing citizen developers or your non-tech personnel to create simpler apps that address certain issues. 

#11 Omnichannel Endpoints for Core Systems

It can be difficult to gather and organise data from a number of endpoints (including APIs, cloud-based storage, databases, and even legacy mainframe systems). 

The Kettufy Low-code platform offers tested procedures that provide predictable and error-free operations of various endpoints, which can assist in solving such issues. It considerably increases the operational effectiveness of your company after they have been adequately secured. 

Kettufy Low-code Development Platform Benefits for Various Industries

The aforementioned solutions show how low-code apps may be advantageous to almost any business. There are other sectors, though, where this low code strategy works a little better. These four are listed below. 

#1 Finance Industry

Simple low-code applications built using Kettufy may help financial companies immensely by allowing clients access to their services on a range of platforms. Such applications are far easier to create and maintain compared to complicated back-end systems that operate on legacy mainframes and frequently use out-of-date programming languages. 

#2 Education Industry

Kettufy’s scalable low-code solutions can benefit the education industry in many ways. You could make applications to track students' attendance or the progress of their distance learning, for example. It makes sense for the industry to respond swiftly to ever-changing variables by delivering essential tools fast and flawlessly. 

#3 Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organisations manage intricate IT infrastructures and therefore must ensure HIPAA compliance while giving patients access to data across numerous platforms. When creating simple patient-facing apps, a low-code approach with the Kettufy platform can aid by offering HIPAA-compliant code from suitable frameworks. Deploying a self-assessment and appointment booking app, for instance, will take much less time than creating such features from scratch while simultaneously assuring data protection and legal compliance. 

#4 Retail and eCommerce Industry

An online or offline retailer has a variety of everyday responsibilities, including managing orders, keeping an eye on the supply chain, and tracking deliveries. Yes, you can leverage the capability offered by large eCommerce systems for that, but the features available to you are constrained. Also, developing such applications from scratch is very demanding. However, you can overcome all of your regular eCommerce or retail company issues by adopting, building and making use of Kettufy’s low-code solutions.

Advantages of Kettufy Low-code Platform

The Kettufy low-code platform allows you to design and publish your digital products in a low-code setting. Because there is a wide library of ready-made components at your disposal, you don't need programming experience to realise your ideas.

  1. Enhanced Productivity.
  2. Higher Agility.
  3. Enhanced Business and IT Collaboration.
  4. Accelerated Innovation.
  5. Cost Efficiency.

To understand how our low-code platform can be helpful for your business, visit the Advantages of Kettufy Low-code Platform page.

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