Introduction to Process Automation with Low-code Platform


If you have been considering automating processes in your business but need help figuring out where to start, this read is for you.  

Enterprise process automation can be a tricky endeavour that never truly ends. Irrespective of your position on the automation spectral range, whether you are still struggling with processes ensnared in Excel sheets or ready and willing to delve deeper into automated processes. You require a platform that will facilitate your organisation as processes change while enabling you to effortlessly complete the tasks. 

Here, we will introduce the concept of process automation and how a low-code platform like Kettufy can make it easier to get started. You will learn about the benefits of process automation and some things to keep in mind as you begin evaluating solutions. By the end of this post, you should understand what process automation is and how the Kettufy low-code platform can help you achieve it. So, let us dive in! 

What is Process Automation?

Process automation is the use of technology to automate complex business processes that are typically both repetitive and routine in nature. By automating such processes, businesses can save both time and money, as well as free up their personnel for higher-value tasks.  

Additionally, process automation can help to increase efficiency and growth by streamlining operations and removing costly manual labour traditionally associated with routines.  

Furthermore, automation can reduce the risk of human error and eliminate duplication of effort. In sum, process automation brings multiple benefits to an organisation, from cost savings to improved accuracy. 

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What is Low-code Automation?

The ability to construct, automate, deploy, and alter apps, processes, and workflows with little to no coding knowledge is made possible by the new technology known as low-code automation. This allows people to concentrate on other demanding activities by quickly digitising and streamlining business-critical operations. 

With the use of low-code automation, teams with only rudimentary coding experience may create applications, workflows, and processes in a short amount of time. 

In contrast to using a standard back-end programming language, low-code automation creates apps using pre-designed frameworks and a simple drag-and-drop interface. Along with that, it allows the users also to configure them with visual tools. 

A low-code platform like Kettufy enables users to reuse the components whenever and whatever they choose, reducing the length of development cycles. Essentially, low-code technology enables business, and IT teams to automate and digitise their business processes without having to create a significant amount of code. 

What Makes a Low-Code Digital Automation Platform Important?

In today's advanced world, the low-code platform has enabled the most tech-savvy experts to work together with citizen developers to create apps and other digital solutions that were hardly possible. 

So, keeping that in mind, there are several reasons to use a low-code automation platform like Kettufy for your company. 

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Integrating Effortlessly - You could leverage low-code/no-code tools like Kettufy to support and enhance your present infrastructure. By doing so, coordinating complex procedures involving several systems and automating cleanups using digital tools is easily made possible. So, a platform like ours that connects well with different products and systems is essential.

Swift Time-to-Market - One of the main features is the ease of low-code automation using Kettufy. With the least amount of learning curve possible, sophisticated automation could be up and running in no time.

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Built-in Workflows - The easy-to-use feature is, once more, crucial here. There is no need to start from scratch, even if you might wish to use automation to create customised workflows for your business. The vast library of ready-to-use, pre-built templates and components will support quicker deployment, thereby benefiting investment returns.

Self-serving Capability - Low-code development tools like ours can help close the skills gap by opening easy automation to users of all skill sets, including citizen developers. Additionally, it can also free up IT workers by enabling end users to manage IT demands without the help of the IT team. 

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Scalability - Most organisations often identify growth as one of their long-term objectives. Purchasing an automation platform or solution is pointless if it cannot handle your expectations as your company expands. Even if you are not quite there yet, Kettufy can effortlessly manage all your procedures and activities as and when required.

Additionally, low-code software development for automation frequently incorporates process management capabilities like - 

  • Visualising the processes. 
  • Orchestration of processes. 
  • Generating documents. 
  • Portals and Forms. 
  • Approval processes. 
  • Management of requests. 
  • Observation and reporting. 

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How Can You Use a Low Code Platform to Automate Processes?

Low-code platforms provide users with an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that allows them to quickly create applications without writing any code. This eliminates the need for traditional development projects and helps streamline application building.  

With a low-code platform like Kettufy, a wide variety of advanced business processes can be automated in just a few clicks. By connecting multiple applications together, completing tasks such as data migration and third-party integrations become simple exercises.  

Similarly, if automation rules change or improvements are required, this can be done without needing programming expertise. A low-code platform like Kettufy helps save time and money by removing the need to manually process workflows and allowing you to easily customise your automation process to suit your needs. 

Kettufy Low-code Platform for Creating Process Automation

As we mentioned earlier, creating process automation can be complex, requiring large amounts of resources and technical knowledge.  

However, introducing the Kettufy low-code platform can help make such a process much easier by allowing users to create applications quickly with minimal effort using the vast library of pre-built visual components. Kettufy requires no professional coding skills, as it is designed to be accessible to any user.  

With Kettufy, it is possible to adopt a high degree of flexibility in automation design, even allowing for changes mid-process. For those looking for an efficient way of creating process automation, the Kettufy low-code platform is a great solution. 

Examples of Processes That Can be Automated Using the Kettufy Low-code Platform

Kettufy's low-code platform has revolutionized the way businesses can automate processes. Instead of needing extensive programming knowledge, nontechnical staff can design and build applications to streamline their workflows.  

Some good examples of processes that are often automated using the Kettufy low-code platform include employee onboarding, data reconciliation between systems, customer registration and renewal tracking, document approval processes, communications services integrations, and data entry automation. Additionally, the platform has a wide range of applications, including digital marketing, finance management, supply chain planning and customer service. 

In addition to being simpler and faster than traditional hand-coded solutions, it is user-friendly and scalable as needs change. Organisations can significantly reduce manual labour and improve operational efficiency by utilising Kettufy for process automation. 


Kettufy's low-code automation platform provides an innovative way for businesses to automate their processes, unlocking productivity and efficiency gains. It is a powerful tool for any organisation looking to apply the latest in data science and artificial intelligence technology to advance their operations. It also provides users with an intuitive interface for creating effective automation with minimal effort. This means busy teams can create productive process automation in no time, allowing them to focus more of their time on the core business activities.  

With Kettufy, businesses can quickly bring newly automated processes into production and benefit from the associated productivity gains right away. 

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